(Scroll down for video) Twins sisters who are said to be the oldest prostitutes in Europe, spoke about what made men flock to them.

71-year-old twins Martine and Louise Fokkens of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, worked as prostitutes for 50 years. They slept with more than 335,000 men combined.

Now, they have revealed the secrets to keeping men satisfied and making relationships last.

According to the twins, who are still regulars in the red light district of the city, revealed that the best way to keep a man happy is asking him what he wants.

“Be easy, listen to what he wants, always,” Lousie said.

The sisters said that when they started out in 1960, they learned from an older woman, who was working as a prostitute.

“Every man wants something different and that’s the real game to find out what they want,” the twins said.

The sisters admitted to slowing down in recent years and were forced to turn down customers because of their advancing arthritis.