Female lawyers in Maine, are not happy with the new prison policy that demands them to remove their bras before entering prison.

The new policy that was introduced at the Cumberland County Jail, forces the attorneys to remove their underwire bras before they can meet their clients.

The attorneys were told that the policy was instituted because their underwire have been setting off the jail’s metal detectors.

Attorney Amy Fairfield said that she went to jail last week to meet with a client, and an agent of the Cumberland County sheriff’s Office ordered her to go to the bathroom to remove her bra because it set off the metal detector.

However, when she refused to remove it, Fairfield was turned away. She was not cleared to enter the prison.

Fairfield said that in the past, she was ordered to take off her bracelets, rings and hairclip in prison, but she has never been stopped at the metal detector due to her bra.

The deputy explained that the new policy was imposed by the administrator of the prison, Maj. John Costello. Fairfield attempted to contact with Costello, but he has not returned to her phone message.

Fairfield said that denying access to jail violated the constitutional rights of her client and is discrimination against her.