So, you want to feel younger, eh? Well, here is your chance! Here are 18 tips to making you look and feel younger.

 The desire to BE 21 again may no longer be realistic, but imagine if you could FEEL 21 again with all the wisdom of 40 or 50. The energy. The metabolism. The youthful skin. This dream starts with a decision; a decision and a desire to restore the youthfulness of your soul. As was said by Franz Kafka, “Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”

  • 1. Get more sleep

    Getting to bed and waking up earlier, with a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep, will restore your body and mind.

  • 2. Worry less and live each day one at a time

    If times are tough, breathe deeply, stay calm and take each moment one step at a time without being disheartened. With a positive outlook, the world will work to your favor. Without stress, sleep comes more easily and life is better. Stop fretting over the little things. If the dishes are not done until the next morning, it does not matter. Do not try to control everything. Stress will make you grow and feel older quicker.

  • 3. Bring the joys of nature into your life

    Eat natural and organic foods. Do not drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs. Use medicines and antibiotics only as needed. Avoid soda, or pop (depending on where you are from) especially caffeinated ones. Be free. Do not depend on substances or things to bring you joy, energy or excitement.

  • 4. Vitamin C and Antioxidants

    Find foods with vitamin C and antioxidants, like strawberries, watermelon, black beans, and tomatoes. If 90 percent of your diet is comprised of healthy foods, your body will increase its ability to regenerate and heal quicker.

  • 5. Lose a little weight

    If done correctly, with a balanced diet and exercise, every pound lost brings you more self-esteem, a better mood and the capacity to keep going. If you think that one pound isn’t a lot, put a pound of butter in front of you. Can you see how the power of suggestion can help?

  • 6. Work out

    Exercise is vital. Muscle building will grant you that much sought after physique and harden those flabby spots of your body. Focus especially on your arms and legs, since these are the muscles used for walking and running.

  • 7. Eat less red meat

    You do not need to go cold turkey and quit eating red meat, but do ingest more white meats such as fish, seafood and turkey. Do not forget the cereals, like oatmeal or wheat and vegetables. These foods will aid in your quest to reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

  • 8. Spend a day taking care of your beauty

    Using a face cleanser, getting a good waxing, taking care of your hair and making yourself look beautiful makes miracles happen. Your appearance and confidence will improve. Go natural, using clear nail polish, little or no make-up and a lotion that matches your skin type.

  • 9. Keep contact with your family

    Make it a priority to stay in contact with your children and grandchildren. Take them out for lunch or go camping with them. Prepare your spirit for the youthful activities ahead.

  • 10. Use sunblock

    Sunblock is essential for young skin. With this delightful cream, you will be protected and will enjoy healthy skin for many years.

  • 11. Take a walk through nature

    Appreciate nature, stop to listen to a singing bird, smell the flowers, delight in the blue sky and let the sun’s rays warm your soul.

  • 12. Go back in time

    Every so often, you miss the music from your era. That music, you feel, was much better than the modern stuff. With this attitude, play those songs that you loved to dance to. Turn up the volume and just dance. Old music that you enjoy has the opposite effect of their adjective: They bring newness and youth to your life.

  • 13. Take a positive spin on everything

    Make it a goal. In everything that you see, do or what comes to you, leave those feelings of fear and negativity behind you. Find at least one good thing in everything, including the imperfections of others and regular everyday issues.

  • 14. Socialize

    Be social. Use email, make phone calls or even plan a lunch visit to have some fun with a friend. Doing so will help you diminish the stress, laugh a little and keep conversations lively. Never forget, less stressed means fewer chances of a heart attack.

  • 15. Improve your sense of humor

    Find something funny in everything. If you need to laugh in order to keep yourself from crying, no problem! Laugh. Chuckle. Smile. Doing so exercises the muscles in your face and helps you feel younger. Just SMILE!

  • 16. Love

    If you have your spouse nearby, prepare a special date night and make the most out of the moment.

  • 17. Be realistic

    Do you have a huge list of things to do? Set up a schedule, manage your time and keep a steady rhythm. Do not exaggerate. There is no price for adequate rest.

  • 18. Volunteer

    There are many schools, animal shelters, churches and even family members who need your help. Snap out of your routine and bring your smile and talents to help those in need. You will see the difference this will make in your soul.

    Finally, never forget to consult a doctor. Schedule preventative medical exams yearly and actually listen to what the doctors have to say. This will make a huge difference in how you feel physically, mentally and spiritually.