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Women are almost twice as hormonal as men. Their bodies are always undergoing changes and it is difficult to understand them at times. However, a woman never wants to be difficult and she never intentionally tries to bother her special someone. When you notice that she is throwing tantrums and going through mood swings, you naturally see how difficult she is becoming. Here is how you can handle her mood swings:

1. Patience is the key.

When your girlfriend is going through mood swings, the foremost thing to do is to be patient. She might end up saying things she does not mean. She would probably cry a lot too or stay mad at you for long. If you do not stay patient and become difficult yourself, it will only worsen the situation. Stay patient and try to calm her down. Show her that you are there for her and that you are willing to listen to her rants. That calmness will soothe her and she will be able to think better.

2. Go out on date/drive.

Your girlfriend’s mood swings makes her an annoying person at times, but if you handle the situation smartly, she would become more rational during such times. When she is extremely upset or crying, offer her to take her out. It doesn’t have to be something very special or extremely grand. Just take her out so that there is a change of environment. Talk nicely to her and hear her out. Be very sweet and she will soon calm down and become the normal person that she is.

3. Do the cooking/cleaning.

When your girlfriend’s mood swings are driving her insane, she might not be willing to do anything at all. She might spend the entire day in bed crying or sleeping because the emotions have drained her out. At such instances, take charge. Offer her your services. Do the cooking and/or cleaning. Even if your cooking skills end at boiling eggs, do it. A woman loves it when her guy tries to cook something for her. When you do something like this, it will make her very happy and help her get over the mental trouble.

4. Cuddle with her.

This might not work at all times, but you can always try. Try to hold her and hg her. Let your actions show her that you are with her and you will help her go through whatever is bothering her. Make her realize that you are strong enough to help her win her battles. Give her support and peace in your arms. Try to comfort her this way. This will relax her and calm her down.

5. Switch her attention.

The smartest way to handle mood swings is to divert her attention elsewhere. Women have a lot of interests and a lot of things catch their attention. When your girl is down, remind her of something that always excites her. Divert her attention to it and indulge in a proper discussion over it. She will end up getting excited and charged over it and she will forget how upset or annoyed she was.

6. Eliminate the cause.

This is the perfect way to handle her mood swings, but this is not always feasible. When someone is going through mood swings, it is not always because of her hormones. Sometimes, there is an actual reason behind all that behavior. Talk to her and try to find the root cause. If you can, try to eliminate the cause so that she can relax. However, not ever root cause can be eliminated so you cannot always resort to this option.